The New Home in the Philippines

Announcing Our Newest Home In


The Country Of The Philippines!!!

We are excited about the Lord’s leading to open a new Lighthouse Home in the Philippines.  We plan to begin taking in children in November of this year.  Ron Black and I will be traveling to the Philippines in the month of November to check on the building progress and train the staff.  Please pray for the new Lighthouse Home.  Watch the video below  to learn more about how the Lord led in the opening of this new Home.

 As in past years, the Christmas Coin Folder Offering is used to provide a nice Christmas for all the children in all our Homes.  This year a part of the offering will be used to open the Home in the Philippines.  We need your help!!! If you would like to order some Coin Folders (each folder holds $5 in quarters), please click HERE to email our office and let us know how many folders you would like and where to send them. If you would like to make a donation to the Christmas Coin Folder Offering, please click HERE.
Thank you for your concern, support, and prayers for the Lighthouse children.  God bless you.
Larry and Paula Neff