Ron & Tara Black


Ron and Tara Black

Ron and Tara Black are from Akron, Ohio, and were married in 1995.  Tara and Ron both grew up in church and as children made professions of faith.  However, the decisions they made were not real.   In 1999, Ron and Tara both realized they were lost and on the way to hell and put their faith in Christ and Christ alone.  The Blacks joined Harmony Baptist Church in Tallmadge, Ohio where Rev. Bernard Christy is Pastor.  The Blacks served in the Bus Ministry, Youth Department, and anywhere else needed.

In 2003, the Lord called Ron to preach and full-time service.  After much prayer and counseling, the Lord led the Blacks to the Lighthouse Children’s Homes in 2005 to serve as Dorm Parents at the Mississippi Home.  Ron also served as the Director of the Mississippi Home from 2010 to 2011.

In August of 2011, the Blacks left Mississippi and began traveling as Field Representatives for the Lighthouse.  Ron also serves as the Office Manager and Brother Neff’s Assistant.

The Blacks are available to present the Lighthouse Ministry, preach Missions Conferences, Special Days, Youth Camps, and pulpit supply.  Tara sings and Ron uses Gospel  Illusions and Chalk Sermons as a way of presenting the Gospel.

If you would like the Blacks to visit your church, please use the information below to contact them.

A Chalk Sermon in Costa Rica.


A Chalk Sermon in Costa Rica.

A Chalk Sermon in Costa Rica.


Contact the Blacks:
U.S. Cell:   (662) 582-4873
Home Phone:  330-400-2112