Our History & Future

The Lighthouse Children’s Homes was founded by Larry and Paula Neff in 1978.  Their desire was to provide a Christian Home for homeless and abandoned children.  The Neff’s opened the first home in Kosciusko MS.  After 36 years of working with troubled girls, the Mississippi home was closed in 2014 due to the dwindling number of girls.

While holding revivals for missionaries in Costa Rica, Brother Neff saw the need for a home.  Brother Neff was introduced to Sally Sanders, a single missionary who had begun taking children into her home.  After much prayer, The Lighthouse Children’s Home in Costa Rica was opened in 1992.  There is room for 22 children and serves both boys and girls.

While in India preaching for missionaries, Brother Neff felt the Lord leading him to open a third children’s home.  In 2002, Brother Neff partnered with Matthew Henry and The Lighthouse Children’s Home in India was opened.  It is our largest home with 52 boys and girls.

Brother Neff met Jonathan Bryant, a church planting missionary in Mexico, in 2009.  Brother Bryant was interested in starting a home for abandoned girls and asked Brother Neff to partner with him.  After much prayer, The Lighthouse Children’s Home in Mexico was opened in 2010.  The home has 13 girls.

In 2010, Brother Neff and missionary Alex Taylor opened the Lighthouse Children’s Home in Panama.  Brother Taylor is a church planting missionary in San Felix, Panama.  Brother Taylor is from Costa Rica and has known Brother Neff for many years.  Currently the home is an all-girls home and is capable of providing for 13 girls.

In 2015, Brother Bryant, the director of the home in Mexico, approached Brother Neff about starting a boy’s home in the same town as the Girl’s Home. The Lord provided a building on the same block as the Girl’s Home and the Boy’s Home was established.  The home has the capacity to house 12 boys.

In 2014, Brother Neff was approached about starting a home in the Thailand.  After several trips and much prayer, The Lighthouse Children’s Home in Thailand was opened in 2015.  The Thailand Home is in the home of a former missionary as has the capability of housing 20 boys and girls.

The future plans for the Lighthouse Children’s Homes is to start two new homes as the Lord leads.  Please pray for the Lord’s guidance.