Child Sponsorship Program

The “Sponsor-A-Child” program provides an avenue whereby and individual, a Sunday school class or a Church can sponsor a particular child for $35.00 per month. The child will write a personal letter to the sponsor every month. The Sponsorship program creates a more personal, one on one relationship between the sponsor and the child.

If you, your Sunday school class or Church would like to sponsor one of the Lighthouse children we have listed the children below that need a sponsor. Your sponsorship will help us to provide the basic needs for that child. It takes several sponsors to provide for each child. Together we can rescue these children for the Lord.

God bless you.

Jyothi – India

Jyothi and her family lived in the Gollaprolu Village in the State of Andhra Pradesh.  Jyothi family had many problems.  Her father was a disabled drunk and could not work and her mother worked as a tailor sticking clothes.  Jyothi’s mom and dad often had big fights at home.  Following one these fights, Jyothi’s mom dosed herself in kerosene and set herself on fire in an attempt to kill herself.  She was severely burned and eventually died from the burns she sustained.  Following the death of her Father, Jyothi was placed in the care of her grandparents but they were not able to provide for Jyothi and her brother.  Through a local Pastor, the grandparents heard about the Lighthouse Children’s Homes and placed Jyothi and her brother at the Home.  Jyothi has flourished at the Home and in school.  Jyothi loves belonging to a loving and safe family.

If you would like to Sponsor Jyothi and help provide a safe and loving environment for Jyothi, please click HERE.


Haydee – Panama

Haydee is from the Ngobe Bugle Indian Reservation in Northern Panama.  Conditions on the reservation are very primitive and many of the children are unable to attend school full time.  Most of them, like Haydee, are far behind in their studies.  She only went to about the 3rd grade and is trying to finish her schooling.  Unlike the majority of the Indians on the reservation, Haydee’s parents are Christians.  Haydee is saved and teaches Sunday School at the Church where the children from the Home attend.  She enjoys cooking and reading her Bible.  Haydee is a very sweet girl and likes helping in the Home.

If you would like to sponsor Haydee and help her as she finishes her schooling, please click HERE.